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Essential Oils 

Since having children of my own, I have constantly become conscious of their health; making sure they eat right, they brush their teeth properly - you name it.  I am also "that mom" who is has started implementing more and more natural or holistic approaches to their health, including my own.

In my research throughout these years, I have learned a lot and changed a lot.

One thing that I added into our lives many years ago was essential oils.  When my husband suffered his first panic attack, one of the things our doctor suggested he try was chamomile essential oil.  I knew then, that if the doctor suggested it, it was something I could trust.

I use essential oils for many different things:

adding it into my steam mop to mop the floors
putting some into our toothpaste
using them as an air freshener
for many of our physical symptoms 

As for our physical symptoms, here is a small list of some of the benefits we have received from our oils:

calming anxiety
helping with adhd symptoms
relieving headaches
as a sleep aid
quieting tinnitus (or ringing in the ear)
helping clear up pink eye
healing burns

There are many essential oil mlm companies out there and if essential oils is something you are interested in, I highly suggest that you do your OWN research and learn how to properly use essential oils.  Some of these mlm companies suggest ingesting oils.  I do not.  Why they may have benefits, essential oils can be extremely potent and highly toxic and the NAHA recommends never ingesting essential oils.    There is also mlm companies that state their oils are "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade".  Essential oils are not graded so they can not come with this title.  This phrase was coined and then trademarked by a specific mlm company, but it does not mean their oils are better or mean for therapeutic reasons.  While oils can be therapeutic, there is no agency saying that only certain oils are therapeutic - this is a very good marketing tactic and it seems to work.  Like I said, I highly suggest you do your own research and there is so much that can be found online and in libraries.

Since seeing all the many benefits we have received from essential oils, I started my own website where I offer all my blends.  Feel free to check it out and if you have any questions just send me an email!  I love helping out my fellow moms on a budget become knowledgable and feel empowered. 




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