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Make The Perfect Lamp Shade

Do you have ugly lamps sitting in your attic?  Do you want a lamp for a specific room in the house, buy they’re way to expensive to buy new?  I had 3 small, ugly plain ‘ol lamps just sitting in our attic.  I didn’t have any that really matched in any room of our house, so I had to get creative.  

Typically, a lamp will come with a plain white shade.  That is exactly what you need!!  Even if you have an ugly lamp base, a pretty shade will make the lamp look totally different.  

First, decide on what color scheme you’re going to go with.  My son’s room is done in bright colors with tropical fish, so I chose a bright yellow to match perfectly.  I found a very inexpensive sponge and sponge painted the yellow over the entire lamp shade.  You could also use the sponge to cover the entire shade one color and then sponge paint on a different color.  You could do 2 contrasting colors or choose 2 colors that are very close.  Instead of sponges, you could also find some painting stamps and stamp designs on the shade.  Embellish the edges with ribbons or gems to give it a fancier design or leave the edges alone.   

Design your shade on paper first before you begin.  The options are endless, just be creative and have fun with it!  

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