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To bring some fancy light into the living room, or on a coffee table, buy a few gourds.  Drill a few holes in each one and a larger hole in the bottom.  String a few Christmas lights through the gourds and through the holes.  This makes a beautiful accent or centerpiece especially around the holidays. 

Make your own curtains!  I did and I can't sew!  Buy material of your choice, measured to fit the window (with a few extra inches on each side just in case).  I bought fabric glue (washable) and glued all edges to make a nice hem. (Keep your dimensions in mind) With the extra material from all the sides, I made loops by cutting 3" x 6" strips that would attach to the curtain AND hang over the rod.  I gave them a nice hem (keeping the window dimensions in mind) and then glued the bottoms to look like a loop.  Once everything was dry, I applied one side of some Velcro to each of the loops at the bottom, where they were glued together and the other side to the top of the curtain.  This is so they can easily come down and be washed, be put back up and the loops stay in place. Once the loops are attached to the curtain itself, hang them up by attaching the matching Velcro pieces together!! 

You can also make your own curtain "holders".  I love those sheer panels that get hung over or through just about anything.  So I went to walmart and bought some very inexpensive plaster pieces that I would use to hold up my curtains.  (these are the kind that you hang at each corner of the window and the curtain gets laced through it and hangs down the side of the window).  I also bought the acrylic paint color of my choice (which I couldn't match perfectly so I got some glittery color to accent the room) and painted them.  So easy and so much cheaper than buying those expensive rods! 

Make your own accent pillows because we all know how expensive those can be to buy!  Print off your favorite pictures on to transfer paper and iron them on to a plain old little pillow.  They catch everyone's attention and are more personal! 

Instead of fancy pieces of "art" or pictures, take close-ups from different angles of your family (your hands, your children, your pet, anything..), have them printed off in an 8x10 or 5x7's and hang them in inexpensive, matching frames.  It costs about $4 for each picture and about $2-3 per frame.  Then hang them in a row or make a square, however you like.  

Always buy white lamp shades and decorate them.  They can be stenciled, sponge painted, ribbons glued on, etc.  You can make them match PERFECTLY! 

Have a bathroom vanity bench or a small chair /stool?  Add a pocket to the side of it with material folded and sewed around the edges.  Great place to store a remote control!!

For pictures on the wall in high traffic areas, attach a small piece of self-adhesive velcro to the corners of the pictures.  This will help to keep the pictures in place!

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