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I was sick and tired of searching for a way to make money at home, but I was even more sick of being scammed!                                 

Know the difference between a job and a home business

Home businesses will most likely require you to purchase your kit to get your business going - this is very common and very legitimate.  If a company wants to hire you and asks you for money - do not pay.  It's a scam.  If they want money from you and you are not receiving products, pamphlets, etc please be careful about sending them money.  These days there are millions of "opportunities" on the internet trying to convince you that they are with the best company or they can show you how to make thousands of dollars each month.  You should be VERY skeptical of any company like that so that you are not scammed.  

What we do to make money at home

I own multiple websites (like MomOnABudget) and profit from them doing affiliate marketing.  I also have a website where I sell products of my own.  Both of these are a great way to reach an unlimited amount of visitors/costumers and are an excellent way to earn at income from home.  



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