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Make Your Own Windsock

This is the perfect craft for kids of any age (though younger ones will need your help) plus they look so cute hanging outside. 

What youíll need: 

v     2 plastic cups (per child)

v     glue, hole puncher and scissors (parents supervision)

v     assortment of ribbons and string

v     stickers and paints 

First of all, decorate your cups.  You can paint them if you donít like their current color and then apply the stickers to them 

Once the paint has dried, glue the bottoms of each cup together (you made need to use a hot glue gun).  Then choose which end you want to be the top and punch a hole in opposite sides of the cup.   Tie a string from one hole to the other.  This will be the handle for your windsock. 

Then from the bottom of the cup, glue ribbons to the inside of them cup and let them hang down about 2 feet so that thereís enough to blow in the wind. 

After they have dried completely, proudly display them outside! 

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