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Tips For The Kids


Put smaller snacks into paper baking cups to keep them from sliding around on the table and to make them more appealing to the kids (great for when trying something new).

Little babies love bright colors and colors that contrast.  Try doing the "nursery" or their room in bright colors.  Our son was always content in his bedroom. 

Label their toys and boxes with pictures if they can't read.  It'll be more fun when it comes to clean-up time. 

Subscribe to "American Baby" and "Baby Talk".  Both are free and inside you'll find tons of coupons for places like The Picture People, Gerber, Similac and Johnson and Johnson.

To save on the expenses of baby wipes when your little one is still small, cut all of them in half.  Sometimes all you need is just a little corner, not a whole sheet that's bigger than they're whole bottom!! 

Make your own baby food.  I buy all my son's veggies frozen, then cook them myself and freeze them in ice cube trays.  Once they're frozen I store them in zip lock bags. 

Save (or have your family) their little food containers for holding snacks, barrettes, etc. 

Instead of those fancy diaper disposal systems, buy little baggies.  Put just the REALLY smelly ones in a little baggie then toss 'em.   

Use cooking spray on your kids bicycle chains that are sticking. 

Try Karo Syrup to get out grass stains

Toothpaste can help to get crayon off of the wall

Pacifier holders make great toy holders.  I attach my child's toy to one end and the other end to him, so when we're running errands, he always has a toy right there.  And if he drops it, HE can get it! 

Start buying rechargeable batteries from the beginning!  You go through so many those first years, it's a lot cheaper!   

Help heal cuts with a dab of honey.

Save old wipe tubs to store crayons, markers, hair accessories, photos etc.

Try making your own wipes!  All you need is a roll of Bounty paper towels, 2 cups of water, 2 tsp of baby oil and 2 tsp of baby shampoo.  Rip apart all of the towels, stack them and cut the edges to fit inside your type of wipe tub.   Mix all the other ingredients together and pour over top the paper towels.   Let them absorb the liquid and VOILA!  WIPES!

To keep onesies longer, try tie-dying them or coloring them with a fabric dye.  This will help to hide those nasty spit-up stains and keep the onesies looking nice!

Try polishing your little ones brown or black shoes with furniture polish instead of buying expensive shoe polish.  Spray a little bit on a cloth and polish up the shoes.  This works great !!

Crayon comes off the wall with a damp rag and a bit of baking soda.



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