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Personal Growth


Through these last 13+ years of going from a single girl to wife and then mom, I've changed.  A lot.

I was chill, then anxious, then happy, back to anxious, overjoyed then irate, completely exhausted then content - yes I've changed.  Just ask my husband.

But in the last few years I've really started to want to take more control of me, myself and I.  I began to devour all sorts of self help books and learned so much yet not enough.  One thing I did learn was how to make my life my own.

I meditate.  I visualize.  I tap.  I think positive.  I am grateful.

Are you stressed out?  Call it a midlife crisis if you want.  Maybe you are just wondering "what is my purpose here?".  Let me suggest a few (and completely free) things that you can try to get back your life.

1.  Meditation
Some people hear the word and think "nope, not for me".  Mediation is so good for stress, wonderful for your brain and great for your heart.  Meditation forces you to sit down, relax and your mind and just be.  One of my favorite meditations is from Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Check him out on YouTube and listen to some of his recordings - they will change you.

2.  Creative Visualization
Feeling stuck in a job?  Stuck in a bad relationship?  Financial hardship?  Lisa Nichols is THE BEST motivational speaker there is.  Listening to her story of hardship proves that you can have whatever you want in life you just have to have the right thoughts and attitude.  Creative visualization is life changing.  Imagining your new life and going after it.  Look for Lisa Nichols online and if you can catch one of her seminars - you will not regret it.

3.  Tapping
Nick Ortner and Gary Craig explain EFT or tapping so simply that anyone can understand it.  People who use tapping have experienced all sorts of results from relief of physical pain, no more anxiety, better relationships.  Look up tapping and start reaping the benefits for yourself and your family.

Some of my other favorite speakers and experts in the personal grown and development area are Christie Marie Sheldon, Jose Silva & Summer McStravick  Each one of them has their own special way to help you realize what has been holding you back from achieving the life you want.

Now go.  Dream Big.  Achieve.




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