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These personalized bands are also known as Reminder Bands.  This is an excellent company and can be a very lucrative income opportunity for you!

Let me take a few minutes to tell you about these bands and how you can profit with them!

These are the types of bands that you see on Lance Armstrong fans that are yellow and say "Live Strong".  You may have also seen them in a pink color to help support breast cancer awareness.

So how do you profit with them??  Choose a saying and choose your words!

Now, let's brainstorm.  Let's think of the ways that we can profit from selling these:

* Sell to your local high schools
    - their school color with their school name

* Market them to your favorite NFL team
    - their color with the team name

* Market to your college sports team
    - you get the idea!

* Choose a cause  
   - breast cancer, heart disease, etc

* Design your own!  
Got a catchy saying?  Profit with it!  Be creative 

I think by now you kind of get the idea of how Reminder Bands can be a good money maker.  When you buy them in bulk and add a buck or 2 (or more) on to your cost you can really come out ahead.  These bands are most likely not going to make you rich, but they can be a great part-time income or a great way to raise money for your favorite charity.
Once you find a great niche, let the product sell itself!

Click here to learn more about Reminder Bands


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