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Let's get some things straight.

Working from home can mean a few things:

1.  You are an employee of a company working from your home office.
2.  You work for yourself running your own business from your home.
3.  You join a company and sell their products but are not an employee.

NOW, be warned!  There are also many companies that are just waiting to rip you off.  NEVER pay to look at a list of jobs - that's crazy!   Also, NEVER pay to become and employee.  Many companies such as Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, etc will ask you to pay to join their company, however in return you are gaining a "kit" of sorts - their products to show your perspective buyers.  These are legitimate businesses. 

So many people have started "businesses" just to try and rip people off. They ask you to pay a certain amount and will then show you how to also rip people off.  Unless you know exactly what you are getting for your money, DO NOT PAY.

If you are looking for a typical JOB, check places like and

If you are looking to start something on your own - check out these other great ways to make money from home!



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