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So…You Want To Work At Home?

5 tips that you definitely need to know when you’re starting your search for a work at home job.    

1)      NEVER, EVER PAY FOR A JOB.  Be very careful with this.  Legitimate employers will not ask you for money.  If you are looking to start a business (for example: Mary Kay, Usborne Books, Watkins etc.) you may have to pay for a set up fee, but this is to cover your kit that you will receive to start your own business.  Some companies, however, ask for a start up fee when really all you will be selling is the “opportunity” for someone else to join that same company.  

2)      DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Make sure you research the company everywhere possible.  Check them out on the Better Business Bureau,  the RipOff Report, ask other moms on message boards their experiences and anywhere else you can get some information on the company.  Make sure that you also know what you are buying if you are starting your own business.  Know what your “kit” consists of (if anything).  There are millions of scams on the internet so be exactly sure of what company you are joining.    

3)      DETERMINE YOUR LIKES AND DISLIKES.  If you hate selling things – stay away from direct sales companies.  If you don’t wear makeup – don’t sell cosmetics!  Many people do not consider any of this and jump into the first opportunity that sounds too good to be true.  Find out what you love to do and go from there.   Make a list of all the pros and cons to find out what will suite you the best.    You’ll have a lot easier time making money if you are loving your job!    

4)      KNOW WHAT YOUR NEW JOB WILL REQUIRE.  Many people jump into anything just to work from home and don’t have a clue how much time and effort it will take for them to succeed.  Know what the company requires of you or how many “parties” you’ll have to do in order to make the kind of money that you want.  Know what type of commissions you’ll earn and what it will take to earn the amount you’re looking for.  You may be surprised how hard or easy it is to make the amount you’d like.  

5)      IT CAN TAKE A LONG TIME TO FIND A JOB.  If you’re looking for a “job” instead of an “opportunity”, it can take many months to find one.  Start looking around on the internet as soon as you decide exactly what you’d like to do.  A few job sites on the internet today are, and  Another good place to look for work at home jobs is  Be patient and be optimistic!  If you are truly determined to find a work at home job, you will.  

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