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What Exactly is “Freelance”?

You’ve heard of freelance before and kind of know what it pertains to, but why should you learn more about it? 

Freelance work, or freelancing basically means that you are hired for one specific job.  You are not hired full-time or part-time, you are just hired until the work or the project is finished. 

What most people don’t realize is that this could be the prefect type of job for them.  So many people are looking for work at home, but aren’t sure what they want to do.  They then jump at the first “sounds too good to be true” opportunity that comes their way only to find out that after six weeks with this company it’s not at all what they thought.  So they quit this job and look for something new just to have the cycle start over and over again. 

This is why freelancing would be perfect.  Now you can find something that you want to do and just do that job itself.  Most freelance jobs last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, but it really can vary a lot depending on the job or type of work. 

Freelance jobs are an excellent type of job for moms who want to stay at home and raise their children.  Usually with freelance jobs you won’t have to work a straight so many hours and you are free to work when you can as long as you meet deadlines.  Now you can work around nap times, errands, laundry and story time!  You can also work around vacations, summer break and Christmas break – you just don’t take on any jobs at those times.  Now you can work when you want to work and are available. 

So before you jump into your next job or before you sign up with that direct sales company – look into freelance work. 

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