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What to use as your basket

Before you choose your basket, decide what you're all putting in it.  You don't want to have a big basket with very few things in it.  Your basket should always look like it's overflowing and stuffed full!

Besides your everyday wicker baskets;

laundry baskets, (wicker or plastic), for animals you could use those plastic litter boxes, small baskets, large baskets, use dump trucks and fill the truck or fill up a purse for a little girl, backpacks, garbage cans for new homes, easter baskets for spring time, plastic containers for going away, coffee mugs, fancy bowls, flower vase, flower pot, little wagon, glass canisters with covers, plastic crates, chest or box with a hinged cover, wrap up a cardboard box with pretty paper, metal tins, wooden boxes can be painted, chrome pots, throw pillows, sand pails.....


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