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Find a nice shaped pinecone and coat it with some peanut butter then roll it in bird seed.  Hang a string around the top and hang up your new feeder!

Lay down some newspaper in the shape of a design or letter (like the initial of your last name) on the grass.  Put down some mulch over top of that.  Then you can put down some annuals or other pretty plants.  Great project for the kids!   

Got any pieces of old wood or other materials?  Anything will look great in a garden with a fresh coat of some bright colored paint.

Make your own water gardens.  They're easy to take care of and very relaxing to look at.  All you need is some plastic tubs or containers you probably already have.  Then, fill them with water, flowers, stones and other decorations.

Make a japanese garden.  A shallow container, some sand, a few rocks and a little rake is all you'll need.  You can also put in a little plant for decoration.

Make your own trellis/arbor with a few good sized branches screwed together in whatever shape you want.  Grapevines also add dimension to your trellis.

Get a ball of styrofoam and some artificial flowers.  Insert or glue the flowers completely around the styrofoam ball.  Then insert a ribbon or string and hang these beautiful decorations anywhere.  They look great on doorknobs and on tree branches.

When you're thinking of making a burm in your yard, first check with your city dump.  Sometimes with the sticks that get dropped off, they'll chip them up and let the residents use the chips.  This saves you a ton of money instead of going out and buying mulch.

Grapevines are another way to decorate.  But don't buy them, they're very expensive.  Check with family or friends that live out in the country - they may be growing out of control by them!  Grapevines are a great way to decorate a mailbox, make a wreath for your front door or give a wreath as a gift.

Instead of buying annuals every year or going through the trouble of keeping up with perennials,  buy a few fake flowers at the end of the season for cheap and use them to decorate.  They'll look real, be a whole lot cheaper and you won't have to water them!

Instead of expensive patio brick, try making your own stones.  They're pretty easy to do and the kids would love it!  

To make a room festive for any holiday, cut out some shapes (depending on the holiday or season) and punch a hole in the middle.  Then add a string of lights!  Put the shapes over top each light bulb and light up the room.  Great for birthday parties or for a summer party!

What kid doesn't love a sandbox?  Put your sandbox in a great place so that when the kids outgrow it you can easily change it from sand to dirt and make it into a flower garden.

You don't really need that beautiful porch swing.  Make a fantastic tree swing!  Take a good strong board and drill holes in each side of the board where you will put the rope through.  To make it really neat - let the kids personalize it with their names or drawings on it.  If you do paint it be sure to paint over it with a clear, waterproof laquer. 

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